Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hamilton Pool in Austin Texas

I've been wanting to go to Hamilton Pool for a long time. Today was nice so I took advantage of it to get some fresh air, a bit of hiking and some photography done. There is this very nice clearance in the park where water has eroded the rock formation into a half moon shape. This is the spot where people swim in the summer period.

I'm learning how to apply the traditional photography techniques that I like with the new digital SLR; stuff like depth of field and playing with different exposures and shutter speeds to affect crispness, darkness and focal point.

Since this is not a matt painting blog, I'm doing very little post editing on these. When any, post editing is done on the following: brightness, contrast, saturation and cropping. Even thought I'm not going in and painting any stuff in these, I still feel like the process is very similiar to painting; choosing how much shadow occupies the space and leading the eye with directional lines, color & value.

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