Friday, November 28, 2008


I've finally bought a decent Digital SLR camera today; Nikon's D40. 

I was used to taking photographs with a traditional Yashica 35mm Film camera years ago until I moved on to a cheap digital camera which was, well, disapointing. I remember being able to snap moments with the film camera and do special effects with exposure and shutter speeds and found that the cheap digital camera always missed the 'moments' because of its delay.

Well with the new D40, you get the best of both world. Even though it's the lowest end camera in the Nikon family, it is more than I need. I am by no means a professional photographer; most of my picture taking goes into building libraries of bricks, bark, tree leaves and other interesting texture references.

So these pictures are a first night out with the camera. I plan on regularly taking motorcycle rides to cool places at different times of day to find interesting observations in nature. 

As a closing note for this post, check out Ansel Adams at, a remarkable American photographer with a love for nature and life.